As an ‘essential’ business, we ARE open over lockdown! We can only allow one customer in at a time, as we are a small shop, so you may have a short wait if we are busy when you arrive. We will try to make this as short as we can. Thank you for your continued support.

At Elm Lane Aquatics, we pride ourselves on giving best advice for the wellbeing of fish. We provide expert knowledge of all things aquatic and will always put the welfare of aquatic animals first.

We always hold a large variety of fish in stock. Over 300 species of fish at any time. plus shrimps and snails. We cater for those who want standard ‘community’ fish and those who are more specialist fish keepers and have the experience to keep more ‘challenging’ species.

We are authorised stockists of many of the leading brands in fish-keeping including, Seachem, Waterlife, Esha, Evolution Aqua, Juwel, Eheim, Aquael, Clearseal, King British, Sera, Fluval, plus many others

As well as FISH we also stock:

Tropical fish food from Fluval, Hikari, Sera, Tetra, King British and NT Labs.

Pond foods from NT Labs, Coppens, Skretting and Tetra.

We hold a large supply of water treatments from Seachem, Esha, Waterlife, NT Labs and King British.

Medications from Esha, Seachem, Waterlife, NT Labs and King British.

We hold Pond treatments and medications from NT Labs, Blagdon, Cloverleaf, Waterlife.

We have a limited stock of aquariums from Aquael, Fluval, Juwel, Clearseal, Boyu, Eheim, Betta, Hugo Kamishi, Tetra and Fish R Fun. Large or unstocked Aquariums can be ordered and are typically available within 7 days.

Internal and external filtration from most suppliers.

Heaters from Eheim, Aquael, Betta and Interpet.

LED lighting and replacement tubes from Arcadia, Eheim, Interpet, Fluval, Betta and Wavepoint.

We also stock and supply pond products from Blagdon, Laguna, PonTec, Oase, Lotus, Betta and Evolution Aqua.

We are licensed by Sheffield City Council: AW_SAP0008

We are very pleased to say that we have been awarded a FIVE STAR rating from the license issuing authority.

Our charity of choice is THE SEAHORSE TRUST and our customers have raised over £700 in 2 years. Many thanks.

Find out more about The Seahorse Trust