Tropical, temperate and coldwater fish. Aquatic frogs. Shrimp and snails. Pond fish.

We have a stock 0f 250-300 species of fish and invertebrates at all times.


Aquariums from the leading manufacturers including Aquael, Eheim, Fluval, Clearseal.
Internal and External filters.

Substrates and gravels, heaters, decor, cleaning and maintenance products for aquariums and for ponds.

Medications from Esha, Waterlife, Seachem and NT Labs.


We stock tropical foods from Hikari, Sera, NT Labs, King British, Tetra and Fish Science.

We have pond foods from NT Labs, Tetra, Betta, Hikari, Coppens and Skrettings.

For those new to fishkeeping

We will give you all the support required to get you started. This includes water testing, aquarium set-up, maintenance and feeding.